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"Dan is an absolute beast. We’ve seen a ~80% increase in Monthly Revenue in the two months since Dan started leading the growth here at Codédex. 100/10 recommend."

Sonny Li

Founder & CEO, Codedex

"After months of experimenting on our own with different funnel optimizations yielding mediocre results, we met Dan who came in like a pro and suggested a few key adjustments to how we thought about customer acquisition...and he bent the curve for us quickly."

Steven Puri

Founder & CEO, Sukha Company

"From the first meeting with Dan it was obvious that he would be a bright mind in the room. Being able to lean on his experience to avoid mistakes and provide focus as we launch a new product with a self-serve PLG sales motion has been invaluable."

Andy Gray

Co-Founder, CEO & CTO at Kortical

Codédex Case Study: Subscription Revenue Foundations

Setting up foundations helps to drive 68% increase in MRR, 12% drop in churn, +48% increase in conversion and more...

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To Grow a Subscription Product, You Must Nail the Following Pillars:

1. Paywall Strategy

How should you divide your service offerings into tiers and do your customers understand them?

Free Products

Should you have a free product?

Paid Products

How should your paid products be divided?

2. Pricing & Packaging

Are you using the right pricing model for your business and stage of growth?

LTV Extentions

Are you seeing account expansion?


Do your best users end up paying you the most?

3. Self Service Revenue

How well does the product sell itself and where are you leaving money on the table?

Checkout Pages

Are you following best practices?

Conversion Tactics

How do you motivate users to purchase

4. LTV Extentions

How can you capture more user Life Time Value and faster?

Plan Mix

What is the ration of short to long term plans?

Annual Plans

How can you push more users into long term plans?

5. Payment Processing

Are you following the best practices to actually collect cash?

Payment Success Rate

What % of your payments are failing and why?

Revenue Recapture

Do you have best practices set up to win back lost revenue?

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About Dan Layfield

Dan has help drive 100M+ of business growth across his years as a product manager. He specializes in growth & product management, focusing on self service revenue.

He ran the growth team at Codecademy and scaled ARR from $10M to $55M, which was acquired for $525M in 2022

After that he was a product manager at Uber Eats, running the Homefeed ranking.

Now he advises and consults with start ups who are looking to increase subscription revenue.


Can you help me with Marketing, Sales, or Demand Generation?

No, these aren't my core skillset, so I don't offer them as a service. You are much better hiring a consultant with deep experience in these areas as they will get you much better results.

I can recommend other trusted people if that helps.

What types of companies do you typically work with?

I work with companies that are setting up or optimizing their self service revenue. They tend to be either consumer businesses or self service/product led growth B2B companies.

My clients tend to fall into two major buckets:

1. Young start ups who are building the basics of a self service revenue engine.

2. More mature subscription or recurring revenue products that are looking to make more money

How long are engagements?

Typically they are 6-12 months, each client is a bit different and I only want to stay around as long as I can provide reliable growth to the business.

Due to the intensity of ramping up on a new client, I don't take projects that are shorter than 3 months.

What are the basic requirements to work with you?

The core requirement is that you are:
1. On the path to product market fit. It doesn't have to be fully achieved, but you should be close
2. Free engineering & design capacity to make changes during the engagement
3. Leadership buy in on the importance of this problem
4. You have basic web analytics tracking set up

Can you help with Product Lead Growth?